Work for 9A/Fr5 - 17th October 2012
Go to

Here you have to work through the exercises on the Present Tense - you will need to read the explanation before you attempt the exercises. You need to complete all exercises.

Then log on to, and go to Interactive Flash Activities - you should use the vocabulary from the end of Unit 1, such as types of TV shows / Films / Books and Magazines to create at least 2 flash games. When you have completed a game, get another student on your island to play the game to make sure that it works.

When you have done that, go back to the Activity Builder menu, and create a worksheet that you can print out. When you have created a worksheet, print it, and give it to another student to complete.

Finally go back to and under the Elementary section, complete any of the exercises in the blue/green section "Les Genres de Films"